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Recent studies show 80% of eCommerce businesses fail within five years. There are a number of reasons why - poor marketing, bad customer experience, competition - just to name a few. Your best defense is a plan for success. 

APT eCommerce specializes in working with new and existing eCommerce businesses to create, review, and optimize plans, as well as email and CRM setup. 


I provide


Map out your eCommerce success and create an encompassing calendar to serve as your North Star


Create a robust, manageable database of contacts & reach them when they want to be reached


Discover what is and isn't working. Unearth new opportunities to improve CVR, AOV, ATV and more


Develop data based theories and test them to empirically know what works

Who is APT eComm?


apt ecommERCE:

APT eCommerce is Andreas P Thomson

Hello! I am are excited to work with you on starting/growing your eCommerce business.

I started in the mid 1990s when I said to my then business partner, "Hey, I think this internet thing can help our store.”  My former business partner and I started a brick and mortar store in Burlington, VT in 1994 that has continued thrive due to eCommerce.


I have since moved onto to other eCommerce endeavors that range from successful, large, prestigious brands to small local businesses, both new to eCommerce as well as the eCommerce savvy.

How do I do it?  First, I lay the foundation by understanding your needs and goals, and then I strategically start creating calendars, evaluating trends, and developing custom ideas to drive your business forward.  

Please contact me if I can help you at all.  Thanks so much for visiting.  

Best Regards,

Andreas P. Thomson

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